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We are located in beautiful Barnardsville, North Carolina.

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Ohio Electric Motors was established in the early 1900’s in Maple Heights, Ohio, and relocated to Barnardsville, North Carolina in 1979. We are a premier manufacturer of custom-made DC permanent magnet and wound field motors.

Our motors are designed and produced in a modern facility utilizing the latest manufacturing concepts and highly trained personnel. A fully staffed and well-equipped engineering department is always available to assist with your application.

Ohio Electric is committed to continuous improvement. We obtained ISO-9001 registration in June of 1997 and are now registered to the latest standard ISO-9001:2008. We continue to pursue excellence through our Lean Six Sigma initiatives. Every facet of our operation is continuously scrutinized in our quest for improvement.

We are uniquely positioned within the electric motor industry. We have production capacity for high volume runs and flexibility to adapt to our customer’s changing schedules and JIT or Kan-Ban requirements. Every customer is valued and treated with the same attention to quality, service, and on-time delivery regardless of order size.

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HBD Industries, Inc

We are an affiliate company of HBD Industries, Inc. HBD manufactures quality, application-engineered custom designed and standard industrial products serving many diverse industries and markets. These products include: AC/DC/BLDC electric motors, aerospace precision components, budding strips, cemented tungsten carbide parts, closed die forgings, coated rubber fabrics, conveyor belting, drives, ducting, gear reducers, hose, material handling products (lifting magnets, magnetic separation equipment), power transmission belts, rubber bands, rubber roll coverings, and ventilation equipment (fans, blowers).

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