Custom DC Motor Manufacturer Selection Tips

If you are an original equipment manufacturer who needs the services of a DC motors manufacturer who can design, build and test custom DC motors, what factors should guide your decision on whom to select? A basic starting point is investigating the manufacturer’s capabilities in design, manufacturing and its ability to deliver on schedule. As a successful, custom DC motor manufacturer nearly 100 years, Ohio Electric Motors has found three important requirements for a custom motor manufacturer to possess to ensure a profitable business partnership: (1) a professionally trained design and manufacturing team, (2) comprehensive manufacturing facilities and (3) standardized work processes verified by quality control systems.

Professionally Trained Engineering and Manufacturing Team

Producing custom-made, DC motors is a complex process. Even before the raw materials are trucked to the manufacturing plant and brought to the production line, both the client and electric motor manufacturer have started to solidify their working relationship by laying the ground work that’s required prior to the commencement of production. Successful working relationships require trained professionals, including engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, quality control, among others, to create not only the motor design and prototypes, but also the manufacturing processes and delivery channels. Ohio Electric Motors has built a design and manufacturing team of highly trained and customer-focused professionals. It leverages both the technical expertise and customer service skills of its staff to ensure production goals occur within budget.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing any product requires both the equipment and facilities to handle projected production volume, capacity or throughput. Beyond capacity considerations, what’s key for a custom electric motors manufacturer is to have all the machinery, equipment and testing capabilities in house and on-site so it can produce motors from start to finish in a timely fashion. Ohio Electric Motors has built a state-of-the-art comprehensive production facility that’s fully equipped to manufacture even high volume runs. It’s onsite process equipment includes, CNC machining, shaft splining, automated magnetizing, heat treating, epoxy coating insulation, automated coiling, winding, commutator slotting and balancing, varnishing and welding/painting/special fabrication. It also has a testing laboratory, which includes a 30 HP dynamometer and 500 Amp testing capability, to conduct both standard and special tests.

Standardized Work Processes Verified by Quality Control Systems

One of the motivations for using a custom motor manufacturer is the belief that a specialist can manufacture a motor, quicker, less expensively and with a greater level of quality. And it is the ability to manufacture a quality product that reaps both cost and time benefits. To obtain a high level of quality, a successful DC motor manufacturer should implement standardized work processes to enhance consistency and reliability. In addition, the motors should be tested throughout the production chain to verify this quality. Ohio Electric Motors understands the vital importance of manufacturing process control to produce consistent and reliable product. That’s why it has invested in ISO-9001: 2008 registration and implemented Lean Six Sigma initiatives. All of its machining operations undergo first piece inspections and all of its motors go through end-of-line testing. It uses documented manufacturing procedures and its production work-stations are linked to the engineering department to ensure all parts are manufactured to the latest revisions.

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