The Quality Processes of a DC Motor Manufacturer

The term “quality” has many meanings. Most of the time, it is defined in subjective terms such as, exceeding expectations, or, in more casual terms, like “doing the job right the first time.” While it’s true that a quality product should exceed a customer’s expectations and be manufactured correctly, these definitions of quality are generic and subjective, especially for a motor manufacturer who has long-term relationships with its customers. At a DC motor manufacturer such as Ohio Electric Motors, quality is defined more aptly in objective and measurable terms. Specifically, quality is defined through the processes used to produce DC motors. Since manufacturing processes can be defined, controlled and measured to an objective standard, the “quality” of a DC motor is one that is produced as close as possible to that standard.

These processes are not limited to the manufacturing operations performed on the shop floor. Quality processes of a DC motor manufacturer extend throughout the supply chain and include the design processes as well as the performance of documented production tasks. Ohio Electric Motors has integrated several quality systems that provide a checks-and-balances “gauge” to verify that its custom designed DC motors are produced by standardized processes that stamp “quality” on each an every motor that leaves the plant. These systems include:

  • The ISO 9000 Quality Management System
  • The Lean Six Sigma Quality System
  • Independent Product Safety Testing

The ISO 9000 Series Quality Management System

The ISO 9000 is a series of standards to manage the quality control processes of an organization. Published by the International Organization for Standardization, the standards are based on eight management principles that include, customer focus, process management, decision-making, supplier relationships, among others. The ISO 9000 standards have evolved over the years. Presently, Ohio Electric Motors is certified to the most current iteration of the series: ISO-9001:2008. OEM has taken advantage of the ISO 9000 quality management system to standardize the documentation of production procedures, the monitoring of supplier quality, and the implementation of a comprehensive testing program which includes 100% end of line testing and first piece inspections. Every motor that is produced by OEM is tested for peak performance and reliable operation.

The Lean Six Sigma Quality System

Lean Six Sigma is a business process management system that combines “Lean” management concepts and “Six Sigma” quality concepts to improve quality through process control and the reduction of process errors, defects and waste. The system emphasizes the continuous improvement of processes. Ohio Electric Motors has been a Lean Six Sigma company for many years. It uses Lean Six Sigma to achieve bottom line results such as, improving operational processes, identifying problems and solutions quickly and systematically, and reducing waste & cycle time.

Independent Product Safety Testing

Quality products are safe products that can measure up to independent testing. To verify the safety of its products, Ohio Electric Motors uses independent testing organizations such as, Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL), to independently test the entire line of its custom design, made-to-order DC motors. All of OEM’s motors are listed by UL and the CSA.

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