Ohio Electric Motors provide exceptional performance for many types of agriculture, farming and food processing equipment. Ohio Electric Motors manufactures motors products used by OEM customers to till/cultivate the soil, harvest crops, transport raw food products and process these into finished containers of dairy, grain, fruits, meat, seasonings, vegetable and other foods.



Ohio Electric Motors produces products like pump motors used on the work site to motors powering machinery processing raw materials into finished building products. Our motor products are made to perform and provide solutions for end users and OEMs construction companies.



Ohio Electric Motors manufactures efficient, innovative motor products providing effective solutions for all types of material handling applications. From powering AVGs to other robotics actions, motors produced by Ohio Electric help move raw materials of all types through manufacturing, packaging and warehouse processes and then onto transportation to its final customer designation.



Ohio Electric Motors designs and produces motors serving a wide range of medical and health oriented applications. From motors used to power medical scanner beds to personal exercise equipment, Ohio Electric Motors use its extensive application expertise, superior engineering knowledge and quality manufacturing to produce motor products built to the exacting standards needed for our medical OEM customers.



Ohio Electric Motors designs and manufactures a wide range of motor products for mining and drilling applications. From powerful pump motors to safe, reliable explosion proof motors, Ohio Electric Motors are built to meet the demanding conditions and challenges of the mining and drilling industry. Many mine operators; mining and drilling OEMs rely on the quality, products manufactured by Ohio Electric Motors.



From exploration to processing, transportation and delivery, Ohio Electric Motors manufactures products like explosion proof motors, pump motors and others imperative to maintaining a continuous flow-through vital to this market. Many petro-chemical OEMs and end-users use Ohio Electric Motors to help them insure full supply lines to their customers.



Ohio Electric Motors manufactures a variety of motors products used in fossil fuel, hydro and other alternative energy power generation systems. We manufacture standard and custom motors utilized by end users and OEM customers. Ohio Electric Motors uses innovative technologies to produce motor products to help improve energy efficiency and provide top performance for power generation solutions.



Ohio Electric Motors designs and manufactures superior products for demanding electro-mechanical, power transmission applications. OEMs and end users know Ohio Electric Motors deliver effective performance, are designed to eliminate down-time, provide long term service and reduce costly maintenance.



Ohio Electric Motors manufactures many motors used for various applications in railroad, automotive and marine craft transportation. These products are built to provide efficient, easy to- maintain, cost-effective solutions for our transportation OEM customers and end users.

Ohio Electric Motors specific industry applications

  • Aerial Lifts

  • Amusement Rides

  • Automobile Lifts (Mobile and Floor Mounted)

  • Blower Drives

  • Chemical / Gas / Oil Pumping

  • Exercise Equipment

  • Floor Care

  • Electric Vehicles (AGV’s, Tugs, Go Carts)

  • Machine Tools

  • Marine Pumps

  • Fork / Scissor Lifts

  • Medical X-Ray / Scanning Equipment

  • Mobile HVAC

  • Power Switching

  • Mining Equipment

  • Railroad

  • Reels / Winches

  • Pump Drives (Solar & Conventional)

  • Robotic Equipment

  • Servo Applications

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