Since being established, Ohio Electric Motors, Inc. has designed and produced custom-design and standard motors for numerous applications to assist thousands of customers around the world. Ohio Electric Motors provides superior performance and offers long-term service for demanding, industrial power-source applications.

Ohio Electric Motors manufactures:

  • Brushless DC Motors

  • Battery Powered DC Motors

  • Custom Wound Field Motors

  • Custom Designed Motors

  • Explosion – Proof Motors

  • Hydraulic Pump Motors

  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors/NEMA Frames

  • Material Handling Motors

  • Motors (1/8 -7 HP) for Battery Power

  • Motors (500 – 5000 RPM)

  • Rectified Motors

  • SCR- Rated Motors

Expert Engineering Support

  • Custom Engineering Motor Design Software developed by our expert staff

  • Solid Edge Software for Blueprint Creation

  • AS-400 Database to review previous designs

  • Assistance from our Professional / Experienced Engineering Personnel

  • Complete Testing Laboratory with 30 HP Dynamometer and 500 AMP Testing Capability

Production Capacity and Manufacturing Process Capabilities

  • Large Manufacturing Capacity with 63,000 plus square feet of production space.

  • Full Trained Personnel and Documented Work Instructions for every operation.

  • On-Site, State-of-the-Art Equipment: CNC Machining, Shaft Splining, Automated Magnetizing, Heat Treating, and Epoxy Coating.

  • Insulation, Automated Coiling, Winding, Commutator Slotting and Balancing, Varnishing, Welding / Painting / Special Fabrication.

  • Ohio Production Work Stations are linked to Engineering insuring all parts are produced to the latest revisions.

  • Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement and On-time Deliveries.

Superior Quality Product Production and Assurance

  • We obtained ISO-9001 registration in June of 1997 and are now registered to the latest quality ISO-9001:2008 standards.(ISO-9001:2008 PDF Certificate )

  • Ohio Electric is a Lean Six Sigma Company

  • Extensive Gage Calibration (NIST Standards)

  • Documented Procedures for all Production Phases

  • All Machining Operations Undergo First Piece Inspections.

  • Modern CMM Machines insure Precise Accuracy

  • 100% End of Line Testing … Every Motors is Tested insuring Peak Performance and Reliable Operation

  • All Motors Backed by a 12 – Month Warranty

  • Our Supplier Quality is Continuously Monitored.

  • Certified Vendors insure only high quality raw materials are used

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