manufactures standard and application-engineered DC Electric Motors. We produce a wide variety of high performance motors servicing a diverse range of industries and customers.

Brushless Motors

Models: BLDC or PMAC

Type: Ferrite Magnet

HP: 1/8 to 1

RPM: Low to High Speeds

Volts: Low to 320VDC-3 Phase

Options: Available

Custom Motors

Models: Application Engineered

HP: As required

RPM: As required

Volts: As required

Options: Available

Explosion Proof Motors

Models: Custom or Standard

Standard HP: 1/20 to 1

Standard RPM: 500 — 4,000

Standard Volts: 12 t0 180

Options: Available

Permanent Magnet Motors

Models: Custom or Standard

Standard HP: 1/8 to 5

Standard RPM: 500 — 4,100

Standard Volts: 12 – 48

Options: Available

SCR Rated Motors

Models: Custom or Standard

Standard HP: 1/4 to 3

Standard RPM: 1,750 – 3,000

Standard Volts: 90- 180

Options: Available

Wound Field Motors

Models: Custom or Standard

Standard HP: 1/3 to 12

Standard RPM: 560 — 3,800

Standard Volts: 24-150

Options: Available


  • Brushless DC Motors

  • Battery Powered DC Motors

  • Custom Wound Field Motors

  • Custom Designed Motors

  • Explosion – Proof Motors

  • Hydraulic Pump Motors

  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors/NEMA Frames

  • Material Handling Motors

  • Motors (1/8 -7 HP) for Battery Power

  • Motors (500 – 5000 RPM)

  • Rectified Motors

  • SCR- Rated Motors



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