Picture of Permanent Magnet Motors

Permanent Magnet Motors

Ohio Electric Motors are customer designed to original equipment manufacturers specification and are built to last. We’ve designed and built electric motors since the early 1900’s.

Our line of PMDC motors cover NEMA 42 frame (4.88″ diameter), 48 frame (5.68″ diameter), 56 frame (6.59″ diameter), and 180 frame (7.88″ diameter). Output range 1/8 HP to 5 HP at speeds of 500 RPM to 4,000 RPM.

Download our PMDC Motor Servicing Manual (PDF).

Call us at 828-626-2901 learn more about Standard Permanent Magnet Motors and Custom Designed Permanent Magnet Motors by Ohio Electric Motors.

Feature Highlights

Our Permanent Magnet DC Motors offer reliable and consistent performance while offering a high level feature set. Listed below are just some of our PMDC Motor features:

  • Long Life Sealed Ball Bearings with High Temperature Grease
  • Low Loss Steel Laminations
  • NEMA Rated Magnet Wire
  • High Efficiency Electrical Designs
  • High Startup Torque
  • Precision Dynamic Balancing
  • External Brush Access
  • Power Off Dynamic Braking
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • High Temp Polyester Varnish Impregnated Armatures
  • Easily Reversible
  • UL and CSA Listed

Option Highlights

With our Permanent Magnet Electric Motors you don’t have to sacrifice options for reliability or performance. Listed below are just some of our Permanent Magnet Motors options:

  • Motor Temperature Sensors (Thermal Protectors)
  • Sensor Bearings
  • Motor Brush Wear Indicators
  • Anti Rust Zinc Coating
  • Rectified Designs with Power Cord Set for AC Power
  • Skewed Stack Design for Low Cogging
  • Private Labeling

Application Highlights

You can find our PMDC Motors in hundreds of applications. Call us at 828-626-2901 and learn more about a Custom Designed Permanent Magnet Motor for your application.

  • Fork Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Electric Vehicles (AGV’s, Tugs, Go Carts)
  • Floor Care
  • Amusement Rides
  • Robots (Law Enforcement, Military)
  • Pump Drives
  • Blower Drives
  • Reels / Winches
  • Railroad (Track Switchers, Crossing Gates)
  • Motorized Commercial Power Switching
  • Mobile HVAC
  • Marine Pumps

Standard Permanent Magnet DC Motors

We offer both Standard and Custom Permanent Magnet Motors. Below you will find details on our Standard PMDC Motors:

Picture of a 42 Frame Motor

42 Frame Motor

1/8 to 1
500 to 4,000
12 to 128

Download 42 Frame Motor Specification Sheet

Picture of a 48 Frame Motor

48 Frame Motor

1 to 2
500 to 4,000
12 to 128

Download 48 Frame Motor Specification Sheet

Picture of a 56 Frame Motor

56 Frame Motor

2 to 3
500 to 4,000
12 to 128

Download 56 Frame Motor Specification Sheet

Picture of a 180 Frame Motor

180 Frame Motor

1 to 5
500 to 4,000
12 to 128

Download 180 Frame Motor Specification Sheet

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