Ohio Electric Motors


PMDC Motors

Ohio Electric Motors manufactures standard and engineered PMDC electric motors for a wide variety of high-performance applications including:

  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • Hydraulic Pump Motors
  • Material Handling Motors
  • SCR (Silicone Controlled Rectifier) Motors
  • Wound Field Motors


Custom Designed

  • Engineering team works closely with customers to design a product that fits their specific needs
  • Designed and custom built to provide long-term reliability
  • Every motor is 100% tested to ensure quality and maximum performance
  • Consistent performance across orders
  • Easily reversible
  • High starting torque
  • Bearing temperatures -40° C/F

Made in the USA

  • Ohio Electric Motors are all manufactured in Barnardsville, NC


Power Range

  • 1/20 to 5 HP
  • Rated (continuous) power 1 to 2 HP*
  • Rated (continuous) torque up to 6 lb-ft
  • Continuous or intermittent duty cycles to meet customer requirements
    * Dependent upon motor enclosure

Speed Range

  • 500 — 5,000 RPM


  • 12 to 180 volts


  • Bearings are sized per application requirements
  • Multiple grease options are available, including sealed and high and low temperature

Standard Features

  • Class H insulation, rated for class F operation
  • Convenient external brush access
  • Excellent heat dissipation conditions
  • Heavy-duty, sealed ball bearing construction
  • High startup torque
  • Low loss steel laminations
  • NEMA rated magnet wire
  • NEMA standard configurations
  • Power off dynamic braking
  • Precision dynamic balancing
  • Two leads inputs for control circuitry simplification
  • 12-month warranty